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Is the Role of the Dollar About to Significantly Change?

The international financial markets have been full of speculation about the de-dollarization of the world economy in favor of new currency arrangements, particularly involving the Chinese yuan. Is this the stuff of simplistic journalistic headlines and a response to America’s soaring debt and prolific use of economic sanctions? Or is the dollar’s global role about to significantly change?

A symposium of views

Featuring commentary by Dean Baker, Gene H. Chang, Andreas Dombret, Barry Eichengreen, Mohamed A. El-Erian, Joseph E. Gagnon, James K. Galbraith, Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Michael Hüther, Steven B. Kamin, Anne O. Krueger, John Lee, James A. Lewis, Zongyuan Zoe Liu, Thomas Mayer, Jim O'Neill, Holger Schmieding, Ludger Schuknecht, Mark Sobel, Benn Steil, Marina v N. Whitman, and Chen Zhao.

Coming Fiscal Horror Show

America is “eating its seed corn” at the expense of future investment.

By Stanley Druckenmiller

What Debt Problem?

It all comes down to climate.

By Joseph E. Stiglitz

The Global Battle Over Advanced Industries

It’s time for a more nuanced, more sophisticated U.S. approach.

By Robert D. Atkinson

The Case for Pessimism

The coming new age of scarcity.

By William R. White

America Will Escape Its Second Gilded Age

There are reasons for optimism.

By J. Bradford DeLong

China’s Stuck in the “Muddled Middle”

How to find growth in a fractured world.

By Mohamed A. El-Erian

A Dangerous World

Capital is flowing away from those who need it most.

By David Malpass

Hayek vs. AI Socialism

Would AI-enabled centralized control work?

By Daron Acemoglu

On the Eve of Destruction

How the Saudis are killing world oil markets.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

Off the News

View from the Beltway

Time for fiscal restraint.

By Owen Ullmann

Letter from Berlin

Heat pump fiasco.

By Klaus C. Engelen