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From the Winter 2020 issue

Is the World’s Reserve Currency In Trouble?

To what extent will the global role of the U.S. dollar have changed a decade from now? TIE asked more than two dozen distinguished thinkers.

A symposium of views

Featuring commentary by Anders Åslund, Norman A. Bailey, Mario I. Blejer, Jill Carlson, Stephen G. Cecchetti, Menzie D. Chinn, Lorenzo Codogno, Richard N. Cooper, Alejandro Díaz de León, Barry Eichengreen, Erin English, Joseph E. Gagnon, James E. Glassman, Peter Harrell, Richard Jerram, Anne O. Krueger, Kishore Mahbubani, Piroska Mohácsi Nagy, Joseph S. Nye, Jim O’Neill, William H. Overholt, Holger Schmieding, Kermit Schoenholtz, Mark Sobel, Nicolas Véron, William R. White, and Jennifer Zhu Scott.

Why Central Bankers Should Be Humble

Creating a nightmare of unintended consequences.

By William White

How to Save the Euro

Start with a complete fiscal dis-union.

By Richard C. Koo

The Poverty Miracle

Three decades of market-based reforms have dramatically reduced poverty and expanded India’s middle class. But the business climate remains uneven.

By Matthew Rees

Broken Rules

Prior to the coronavirus catastrophe, workers kept returning to the U.S. labor force, contrary to the secular stagnation theories of several years ago. Did this mean the then-low labor participation rate was not the new normal? What are the implications, if any, for the Phillips curve and for Federal Reserve monetary policy from those pre-virus developments?

A symposium of views

Japan’s Timing Disaster

A second tax hike followed by the coronavirus crisis.

By Yoshihiro Sakai

China’s Coronavirus Fallout

Hong Kong and Singapore take big hits.

By Friedrich Wu

The China Debate

How to avoid a further crash in economic growth.

By Chi Lo

Germany on the Firing Line

Questionable economic judgment amidst a leadership crisis.

By Klaus C. Engelen

Boris Johnson on the Hot Seat

How to avoid crashing out of Europe.

By Desmond Lachman

Off the News

Phil Lane, the prophet; Jay Powell, the pragmatist; and Vladimir Putin’s goal.

View from the Beltway

Democratic scorecard. If Biden wins, who’ll be his brain trust?

By Owen Ullmann