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From the Winter 2012 issue

European End Game

The striking similarity between today’s eurozone situation and the end of Bretton Woods.

By Hans-Werner Sinn

Eurozone Austerity

Will the medicine kill the patient? More than twenty important global strategists weigh in.

A symposium of views

The Politics of the Eurozone Crisis

Premier global strategist Edward Luttwak sat down with TIE founder and editor David Smick. The question: Given the grimy, intractable underside of Greek, Spanish, and Italian politics, are structural reforms and fiscal consolidation even possible?

The Price of German Leadership

Having exploited the eurozone, it's fair that Berlin and Frankfurt now pay the price.

By William H. Overholt

Strange Bedfellows

Germany’s split personality in its relations with the International Monetary Fund.

By Klaus C. Engelen

Alternative Eurozone Bailout

Why the world’s energy exporters should be coming to the rescue.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

Even Germany Faces Limits

It’s time the eurozone faces reality and cleans up its public finances.

By Kurt J. Lauk

Can Tax Reform Save the U.S. Economy?

With U.S. public debt rising as a percentage of GDP, reform of the personal and corporate income tax codes has been suggested as a way to achieve the twin goals of deficit and debt reduction and higher rates of economic growth. Should tax reform be a top priority?

A symposium of views

Advice from Tokyo

How can America avoid repeating Japan’s past policy blunders? Here are six recommendations.

By Richard C. Koo

Is Modern Capitalism Sustainable?

In the broad sweep of history, all forms of capitalism are ultimately transitional.

By Kenneth Rogoff

Eyes on the Prize

The role of expectations in monetary policymaking.

By Richard H. Clarida

Bloomberg vs. the Fed

Was the news organization excessive in its demands for central bank transparency?

By John Berry

The Not-So-Mighty Yuan?

Maybe Washington should hold off on its demand that China float its currency.

By Chi Lo

The Brazilian Miracle

In his new book The Growth Map, Jim O’Neill, inventor of the term “BRICs,” describes the extraordinary rise of many of today’s emerging markets, including Brazil.

Trade and the Internet

The risks and challenges of this new technology.

By Susan Ariel Aaronson

Off the News

´╗┐The Fed’s and ECB’s dangerously high leverage ratios, remembering Michael Mussa, and more.

From the Founder

A GATT for Currencies?

By David M. Smick