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From the Winter 2011 issue

Larry Summers Exit Interview

The Obama Administration’s retiring National Economic Council head sounds off on the Chinese, the dollar, quantitative easing, and the fate of America’s middle class.

Off the News

Middle East instability, the next ECB head, and the sprinting economies of sub-Saharan Africa.

The Year of the Sovereign Debt Crisis

How likely are countries in the eurozone’s periphery to default outright or face significant “haircuts” on their sovereign debt over the next three to five years? What is the probability that any of the major industrialized countries lose their top ratings?

A survey of experts

A Global Growth Bargain

The West’s only hope.

By Gordon Brown

The Cusp of Worldwide Inflation

How the Federal Reserve is making the global economy less stable.

By Ronald McKinnon

Why a Second Bretton Woods Won’t Work

The world economy’s dire situation can’t be fixed with an international agreement.

By Bernard Connolly

Angela Merkel’s Nightmare

The markets test the German Chancellor’s approach of trial-and-error. Is there an end game in sight?

By Klaus C. Engelen

Europe’s Default in Credibility

A cautionary tale of broken promises, misled markets, and a loss economically of simple common sense.

By Adam Lerrick

Thinking the Unthinkable

The eurozone may not be viable.

By Dani Rodrik

How to Avoid a Eurozone Breakup

Solve two key problems.

By Richard C. Koo

Forty Years of Folly

The failure of U.S. energy policy.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

America’s Ungovernable Budget

A policy at war with itself.

By Jeffrey D. Sachs

QE2 Craziness

The missing logic of this strange approach.

By Benn Steil

The New Politics of American Trade

The remaking of the trade debate.

By Susan Ariel Aaronson

Is Capitol Hill’s Coming Anti-China Legislation Now Veto-Proof?

TIE asked one of Washington’s premier U.S.-China political analysts.

By Chris Nelson

Washington-Beijing Currency Friction

The latest flash points in the U.S. Congress.

By Greg Mastel

From the Founder: A Dangerous Age of Political Discontinuity

By David M. Smick