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From the Winter 2008 issue

Slaying the Inflationary Dragon

TIE’s exclusive interview with Bundesbank President Axel Weber.

Don’t Bet on Decoupling

Why a U.S. slowdown is bad news for Europe.

By Melvyn Krauss

Defining the Financial Safety Net

How should the U.S. and global safety net be defined for the twenty-first century? Two dozen experts weigh in.

A symposium of views

The New Power Brokers

The big four who run the new global economy.

By Diana Farrell and Susan Lund

Big Bucks for Global Warming

The scientific debate seems to be over. Discussion of costs is just beginning.

By Greg Mastel

Rich Man, Poor Man

The emerging codependence between today’s developed and developing worlds.

By Milton Ezrati

The Politics of Sovereign Wealth

Global financial markets enter a new era.

By Laura Badian and Gregory Harrington

Sovereign Wealth Alarm

Will the big sovereign wealth fund surge lead to European protectionism?

By Stefan Schönberg

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Tease

Now Latin America is considering getting into the game.

By Desmond Lachman

The Post-Subprime Regulation Scramble

The regulators and market players pick up the pieces.

By Klaus C. Engelen

Bully for Africa

But are there risks to the new commodities craze?

By Gary N. Kleiman

China Risk Rising

A glass-is-half-empty scenario.

By Chi Lo

Fading Baltic Miracle

A dangerous dependence on the property bubble.

By Michael Hudson

The Monetary Realist

The Four Horsemen of Subprime Stupidity

By Adam Posen