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From the Summer 2014 issue


Yellen vs. the BIS: Whose Thesis Makes Better Sense?

The economic policy world is in stark intellectual disagreement. Featuring commentary by Jörg Asmussen, Jacques Attali, Martin Neil Baily, Dean Baker, Laurence M. Ball, Michael J. Boskin, Charles W. Calomiris, Richard N. Cooper, Howard Davies, Joseph E. Gagnon, José De Gregorio, J. Bradford DeLong, Sebastian Dullien, Mohamed A. El-Erian, Peter R. Fisher, James E. Glassman, David D. Hale, Richard C. Koo, John H. Makin, Jim O’Neill, Hans-Werner Sinn, Jürgen Stark, and William R. White.

A symposium of views

The Great Bubble Debate

Can both sides be right?

By Bernard Connolly

World Champion Capital Exporter

How rescue funds to southern Europe have financed the purchase of German goods.

By Hans-Werner Sinn

Europe Has a Supply Side Problem

In July, TIE founder and editor David M. Smick sat down with Axel Weber, former Bundesbank President and Chairman of the Board of UBS.

Has Draghi Really Saved the Euro?

The currency rests on two questionable premises.

By Desmond Lachman

Questionable Legality

Is the ECB’s new bank supervision role in trouble?

By Klaus C. Engelen

Debt Relief

For Europe, the time is drawing near.

By Kenneth Rogoff

A Master Achievement

A vigorous defense of Dodd-Frank.

By John M. Berry

The Coco Solution

Contingent convertibles should be part of financial reform efforts.

By George M. von Furstenberg

The Inflation-Debt Scam

A peek inside the unreal world of economic analysis.

By Paul Craig Roberts, Dave Kranzler, and John Williams

Economic Sanctions Seldom Work

Only in rare cases are they powerful.

By Norman A. Bailey

Off the News

A tale of two economies, and signs a bubble economy is growing.

Letter to the Editor

Economist Norman Bailey argues that if ´╗┐innovation leads to prosperity for the owners of capital, then make more employees owners through employee stock ownership plans and community investment trusts.