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From the Summer 2008 issue

$200 Oil!

When oil was $35, he predicted a $60 per barrel price. Then he predicted $150. Why the price will now go higher.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

The Dollar-Oil Link

Would oil cost less if priced in euros?

By Martin Feldstein

Paulson’s Hypocrisy

Why U.S. policy should promote the delinking of oil currencies and the dollar.

By Kenneth Rogoff

Reinventing Energy

Investing in promising new technologies.

By Jeffrey D. Sachs

NAFTA’s Bad Rap

It’s sound bites and bumper stickers versus real facts and statistics.

By Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Jeffrey J. Schott

Should NAFTA Be Revisited?

If you had to do it all over again, would you as President of the United States support NAFTA—the North American Free Trade Agreement—as implemented?

A symposium of views

The Politics of Globalization

Lessons from history.

By Kevin O’Rourke

The Rise of the BRICs

And the new logic in international politics.

By Harold James

Rising Risk of a Trade War With China

The emerging politics of green.

By Robert Collier

The Economics of Climate Change

And the vacuum in global leadership.

By Lars G. Josefsson

Europe at the Crossroads

Reflections from one of the euro’s principle architects.

By Otmar Issing

No Hope in a Storm

Why Europe is unprepared for the next banking crisis.

By Nicolas Véron

Denial, Coverup, and the Blaming of Others

Germany’s performance after the subprime collapse.

By Klaus C. Engelen

Why Banking Crises Happen

The role of bad accounting and moral hazard missteps.

By Hans-Werner Sinn

How High Should China Appreciate Its Currency?

Lessons from 1970s Japan.

By Mark A. DeWeaver

The Shifting Sands of American Competitiveness

The need for a U.S. strategy toward China.

By Ernest H. Preeg

No Time for Retrenchment

Why China should push ahead with financial liberalization.

By David McCormick

Walking a Fine Line

Beijing’s policy shift to picking losers.

By Chi Lo

The Japan Story

A history of winners and losers.

By Arthur Alexander

The Monetary Realist

Volcker-Reagan Rerun

By Adam S. Posen