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From the Summer 2006 issue

Paulson’s First Challenge

Can the new U.S. Treasury chief confront China’s currency manipulation?

By Morris Goldstein

Commodities, China, and American Foreign Policy

How all are linked.

By David D. Hale

Why Deficits Matter

And why the coming soft dollar policy is no solution to America’s huge imbalances.

By Menzie Chinn and Benn Steil

The Global Implications of a Dollar Collapse

The dean of London’s journalistic/financial strategy community sets the table.

By Samuel Brittan

Trying Times Ahead

An Exclusive TIE Interview: Richard Shelby. Chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee and an increasingly important policy figure in Washington, talks about hedge funds, accounting scandals, and the Chinese currency.

Sorry Times at Club Med

Why the next emerging market debt crisis won’t involve an emerging market.

By Desmond Lachman

Are German Workers Killing Europe?

In other words, have their low relative wages created a “beggar-thy-neighbor real devaluation” policy highly destabilizing to the Eurozone?

A symposium of views

The End of the Big Trade Deal

Why Doha will be the last of the grand multilateral trade negotiations.

By Daniel K. Tarullo

Fast Track Forever?

This has been a Golden Age of new trade agreements. One primary reason: U.S. fast track negotiating authority.

By Greg Mastel and Hal Shapiro

Rising Anti-U.S. Populism

The Hugo Chávez act is starting to wear thin, but does the U.S. State Department have an effective game plan to take advantage of his predicament?

By Christopher Whalen