The magazine of international economic policy.

From the Summer 2005 issue

Meet America’s Trade Czar

Bill Thomas, the House of Representatives’ tax chief, has a surprising new role.

By Fred Barnes

The Yield Curve and Recessions

How the difference between long- and short-term interest rates anticipates recessions in the United States and other industrial economies.

By Arturo Estrella

Think Tanks: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

The latest TIE study comparing economic think tank visibility in the media. The hot economists and hot topics. And, as promised, the underlying data for downloading: Data Description | Scholars.xls | data.txt

By Susanne Trimbath

The Coming Chirac-Sarkozy Prize Fight

But will France when it’s over be left with any hope for the prize of genuine reform?

By Philippe Riès

Even Turkeys Fly When the Winds Are Strong

Ignore the hype about a new Latin American paradigm.

By Desmond Lachman

The Two South Koreas

An emerging love-hate relationship with direct foreign investment.

By Edward M. Graham

The “Russian Disease”

A look inside the dangerous, chaotic, unlawful, and unpredictable world of Russian oil.

By Marshall I. Goldman

How Oil Shocks Affect Markets

Consider the five most recent scenarios.

By Roger Kubarych