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From the Spring 2021 issue

At the Speed of Light

The old shibboleths about the slow climate transition in the energy sector are about to be destroyed.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

U.S. Trade Policy at a Turning Point

How America can better protect itself against China’s predatory policies.

By Robert D. Atkinson

China’s Poverty Secret

The “world’s second-largest economy” myth.

By Nancy Qian

The Case for Why Its Digital Silk Road Will Put China on Top

But will the rest of the world acquiesce to such aggressive use of soft power?

By Chi Lo

Threats to King Dollar?

The fear of a digitalized renminbi is greatly overplayed.

By Mark Sobel

What Happens to the Party When the Music Stops

The risk to global asset and credit markets.

By Desmond Lachman

Europe’s Unusual Inflation Risk

The debate has been surprisingly U.S.-centered.

By Hans-Werner Sinn

Inflation Hype

Burning rubber getting on the track is not the same as overheating the engine.

By J. Bradford DeLong

The Coming Shift in the Global Monetary Order

The dollar’s fragile hegemony.

By Kenneth Rogoff

The French Connection

If Joe Biden needs a reliable partner, the French president is his man.

By Melvyn B. Krauss

The Muddle-Through Brigade

Europe is in a complacency trap.

By Brigitte Granville

Why Everything Trump Has Said About Trade Is Wrong

A review of Anne Krueger’s new book, International Trade: What Everyone Needs to Know.

By Anders Åslund

Thoughts on the Decline of the West

A tale of three books.

By Norman A. Bailey

Off the News

The Clarida rule, Christine Lagarde “The Reader”, Angela Merkel’s obsession, Janet Yellen’s change of tune, the passing of Robert Mundell, John Williamson, and Richard Cooper.

View from the Beltway

Time to rein in social media?

By Owen Ullmann