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From the Spring 2016 issue

Brexit: The Unintended Consequences

Bold policy changes always seem to produce unintended consequences, both favorable and unfavorable. TIE asked more than thirty noted experts to share their analysis of the potential unintended consequences—financial, economic, political, or social—of a British exit from the European Union.

Featuring comment by Hannes Androsch, AndersÅslund, Claude E. Barfield, Michael J. Boskin, Lorenzo Codogno, W. Bowman Cutter, Marek Dabrowski, Barry Eichengreen, Mohamed A. El-Erian, Milton Ezrati, Jeffrey Faux, James E. Glassman, George R. Hoguet, Martin Hüfner, Michael Hüther, Otmar Issing, Harold James, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Desmond Lachman, Manfred Lahnstein, Edward N. Luttwak, Ewald Nowotny, Joseph S. Nye, Philippe Riès, Holger Schmieding, Miroslav Singer, Hans-Werner Sinn, Merryn Somerset Webb, Nicolas Véron, John Williamson, Klaus F. Zimmermann, and Criton M. Zoakos.

Don’t Trust the European Union

American presidents, beware!

By Bernard Connolly

Disaster Avoidance

How analytical, executive, and democratic deficits threaten the existence of the eurozone.

By William R. White

Merkel’s Brexit Problem

For Germany, the stakes are high.

By Klaus C. Engelen

Britain’s Great Bet

Wagering on the future of Europe.

By Ludger Schuknecht

Europe’s Coming Civil War?

The deep concerns of an Austrian expatriot.

By Josef J. Neusser

Good News for the Fed

Wage inflation is beginning to turn up, but Yellen will still run the economy “hot.”

By Richard H. Clarida

The Great Too-Big-to-Fail Debate

Stick with Dodd-Frank or break up the banks?

By John M. Berry

A Global Witches’ Brew

Surviving a new world of debt, liquidity, corruption, money laundering, and social entropy.

By Norman A. Bailey

The Return of “Irrational Exuberance”

The astounding similarities between the subprime housing and energy market bubbles.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

A False Sense of Global Security?

Follow the debt to the next financial crisis.

By Desmond Lachman

Waiting for a Modi Miracle

Despite impressive growth figures, all is not well.

By Daniel Twining

Calling Out China’s Mercantilism

American jobs are at risk.

By Adams Nager

China’s Technology Grab

Shifting from being a technology taker to a technology licenser.

By Sebastian Heilmann

Off the News

Globalization update, global Trumpism, and why China has a dollar-denominated debt problem.