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From the Spring 2014 issue


Mario the Magician

He will either succeed or fail spectacularly.

By Wolfgang Münchau

Does Innovation Lead to Prosperity for All?

The word “innovation” has become the new mythical silver bullet to fix the world economy. But will innovative breakthroughs raise real income for average working families?

Featuring commentary by noted experts Robert D. Atkinson, Martin Neil Baily, Dean Baker, Lisa Cook, Everett M. Ehrlich, Barry Eichengreen, Jeffrey Faux, Benjamin M. Friedman, James K. Galbraith, Hanns Kuttner, Michael Lind, John H. Makin, Catherine L. Mann, Joel Mokyr, James Pethokoukis, Walter Valdivia, Stan Veuger, and Charles Wolf.

A symposium of views

Chuck the Models

American entrepreneurs are on a roll. America’s future could not be brighter.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

The Rise of Innovation Mercantilism

And the threat to the global economy.

By Robert D. Atkinson

The FSB’s “Shadow Banking” Confusion

The G-20’s true intentions are anyone’s guess.

By Peter J. Wallison

Yellen Should Go Slow

There’s no need to rush to "normalize" U.S. monetary policy.

By John M. Berry

Stress Test Blues

The trials and tribulations of European banks.

By Klaus C. Engelen

Currency Conundrum

Until the world economy improves, China has no easy way out.

By Ronald McKinnon

The Yuan-Yen Currency War

At the heart of the fight is the diminishing marginal efficiency of monetary stimulus.

By Chi Lo

India’s Modi Wave

Is a South Asian miracle just over the horizon?

By Daniel Twining

Off the News

Italy will include prostitution and illegal drug sales, capital flows still matter, and Texas taxes.

Letters to the Editor

Stefan Schönberg asks whether the euro has met its promises. Ron McKinnon tells how Stephen Ceccetti gets it right. And AEI’s Derek Scissors takes issue with Greg Mastel’s views on currency and trade and Chi Lo’s outlook on the prospects for Chinese economic reform in TIE’s last issue. Mastel and Lo respond.