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From the Spring 2009 issue

Obama’s 500-Day Report Card

Recently, the world gave President Barack Obama high grades for his first 100 days in office. What grades will he likely receive by mid-2010, after 500 days in office?

A survey of experts

Same Old Same Old

The danger of the United States and China going back to their old ways.

By Kenneth Rogoff

Ditching Doha?

The G20 seems headed in that direction.

By Duane Layton and Tiffany Smith

Blinded by Faith

The case against globalization. An excerpt from William Greider’s new book, Come Home, America.

Collapse in World Trade

World trade has been collapsing faster than global GDP—indeed, faster than at any time since the Great Depression. How is this possible?

A symposium of views

“Stuff the Beast”

Barack Obama’s ultimate goal.

By Michael Boskin

Can U.S. Personal Consumption Fully Recover Without the Value of Real Estate and Other Assets Rising?

A question for Team Obama.

A symposium of views

Beijing Makes Its Case

President Hu’s chief adviser on climate change argues that China has instituted pro-active reforms.

By Zhenhua Xie

The Developing World and Climate Change

The disappointing truth.

By Greg Mastel, Stephen Kho, and Bernd Janzen

Releasing India’s Inner Tiger

The metaphysical significance of the recent election.

By Kishore Mahbubani

Germany Fires Back

“Instead of belittling German efforts…show a little more gratitude.”

By Hans-Werner Sinn

Reconsider Central Banking, Not Monetary Policy

The Monetary Realist column

By Adam Posen