The magazine of international economic policy.

From the Spring 2008 issue

A Call for an “Asian Plaza”

Introducing an action plan for a new “G5”—China, Saudi Arabia, Euroland, Japan, and the United States.

By C. Fred Bergsten

The Dollar Will Fall Further

Unless Europe and others take steps to stimulate domestic demand.

By Martin Feldstein

Reflections on Currency Regimes

The uncertainty of the dollar’s future role.

By Richard H. Clarida

The Next Great Global Currency

TIE asked some of the world’s key experts, “Ten years from now, what will be the next great global currency?”

A survey

The Next President and the Dollar

Strategists Timothy D. Adams and Jeffrey E. Garten offer some sound advice.

Will the Dollar Go the Way of the Pound?

An important economic historian sets the parameters.

By Harold James

The Oil-Dollar Link

The Fed, hedge funds, and why oil could hit $150 a barrel.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

Goodbye to the Dollar?

But timing is everything.

By Kenneth Rogoff

The Dollar Problem

Time for East Asia to expand aggregate demand.

By Ronald I. McKinnon

Who Is Responsible for Emerging Market Inflation Improvements?

Did emerging markets achieve success on the inflation front by piggy-backing on the low U.S. inflation environment? The views of seven experts.

Are Markets Rational?

An interview with Roman Frydman, whose book with Michael D. Goldberg, Imperfect Knowledge Economics: Exchange Rates and Risk, was recently published by Princeton University Press.

In Praise of Foreign Investment

Best practices for the sovereign wealth funds.

By Robert M. Kimmitt

Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar and Renminbi

Move over, burgernomics. Here’s a real shopping basket.

By Zhiqiang Zhang, Quanhai Zhao, and Chunxiang Wang

The Monetary Realist

It’s Not Just About the Money

By Adam S. Posen