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From the Spring 2007 issue

Is the IMF Obsolete?

With the narrowing of risk spreads in an era of increasingly interconnected markets and more efficient risk management, is the IMF’s role still relevant?

A symposium of views

The Monetary Realist

What's in a name?

By Adam S. Posen

Fear and Greed

Why the American housing credit crisis is worse than you think.

By Lawrence B. Lindsey

The Wall Street Slide

Why New York is losing out as the world’s financial center.

By Gerard Baker

Hoist With Their Own Petard

How emerging markets use U.S. anti-dumping law…against America.

By Duane W. Layton

The Shanghai Shock

Financial lessons from the late-February 2007 hiccup.

By Harald Malmgren

The Asian Myth

The notion that the Asian economies have somehow insulated themselves from the United States is nonsense.

By Friedrich Wu

It Takes Two to Tango

Why a big Chinese currency appreciation alone won’t cut America’s trade deficit.

By Chi Lo

Will China Surpass the United States?

The dangers of the game of extrapolation.

By John A. Tatom

America’s China Brigade

A Washington insider offers the lay of the land. Hu’s up, Hu’s down in U.S. China policy.

By Chris Nelson

The Post-Chirac French Funk

Is a refurbished U.S-Franco relationship in the cards?

By Simon Serfaty

Why Germans Love the Euro

And why the “Club Med” remains less enthralled.

By Stefan Schönberg

The Looming Arab Employment Crisis

Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.

By Marcus Noland

Venezuela’s Oil Trap

Economically speaking, other than oil nothing else is happening.

By Christopher Whalen

G7 Reflections

One of the Plaza Accord’s behind-the-scenes players offers his insights.

By Tomomitsu Oba