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From the Spring 2006 issue

Will India Steal China’s Thunder?

For most of the last decade, global strategists have fixated on China’s potential to become a global economic powerhouse. But has India been given short shrift?

A symposium of views

Today’s Golden Age of Poverty Reduction

The story the World Bank and other agencies don’t want you to know.

By Surjit S. Bhalla

Introducing “Grassley-Baucus”

Forget Schumer-Graham. This new U.S. legislation has already spawned a strange new renaissance of IMF reform proposals. Can protectionism be cured?

By Criton M. Zoakos

Sky-High Oil

In an article in our last issue, global strategist Philip Verleger predicted a coming scenario of $100 oil, 5 percent inflation, and a coming recession. Question: How disruptive would $80–$100 oil be to the U.S. and global economies? TIE asked three important experts.

2008 Presidential Winter Book

Washington’s most trusted independent political analyst sets the scene.

By Charles Cook

My Advice for John McCain

A long-time Washington political and policy strategist, in an open letter to the likely Republican presidential candidate, offers this advice: Create a New Reagan Majority.

By Richard Whalen

Washington’s Potential Mexico Problem

The consequences of a left-wing win in July’s elections could be greater than financial markets think.

By Christopher Whalen

Issing’s Swan Song

TIE asked this distinguished policymaker for his final defense of the European Central Bank’s two-pillar strategy.

By Otmar Issing

Europe’s New Protectionism

A former policy insider outlines the disturbing trend.

By Stefan Schönberg

Three Ideas for the Fed

Seeking new ways to measure inflation.

By Marc Sumerlin

Chinese Bank Report Card

The reform road is still bumpy, so forget full RMB convertibility anytime soon.

By Chi Lo