The magazine of international economic policy.

From the Spring 2003 issue

The Incredible Shrinking U.S. Treasury

Can new chief John Snow turn things around?

By Fred Barnes

Why the World Hates America

The economic explanation.

By Criton Zoakos

The Fed’s New Deep Bench

Several new Federal Reserve policymakers are making surprisingly important contributions to the inside debate. TIE interviews one of the leaders, Governor Ben Bernanke.

George W. Quincy Bush!

How the President could easily lose reelection.

By Owen Ullmann

Iowa/New Hampshire Winter Book

TIE asked six experts how the early stages of the 2004 Democratic primary season could shake out.

Featuring John Sears, Jack Germond, Donna Brazile, Thomas E. Mann, Jeffrey Bell, and Charles E. Cook, Jr.

How China Is Eating Mexico’s Lunch

The Maquiladora system’s comparative advantage is being challenged head on.

By Daniel H. Rosen

Is the Chinese Currency, the Renminbi, Dangerously Undervalued and a Threat to the Global Economy?

A symposium of views

Big Unease at the Tower of Basel

Once a European fortress, the BIS is about to experience a Canadian takeover. Is this an emerging Anglo-Saxon Trojan horse? TIE’s Klaus Engelen goes behind the scenes.

By Klaus C. Engelen

Should Japan and India Become Permanent Members of the UN Security Council?

A symposium of views

The Case for Fukui

A long-time Tokyo observer argues why a reformer, and not a deflation fighter, is Japan’s best bet.

By Richard Katz

The Race for the Euro

The central and eastern Europeans eagerly seek club membership. Here are the hurdles.

By Jürgen Stark

“Old” vs. “New” Europe—And America

France’s geopolitical intentions enjoy a history going back to de Gaulle in the early 1960s. Here’s how America should respond.

By Bernard Connolly

The View From the Front of the Train

Some unique thoughts on how the U.S. economy affects the world—and vice versa.

By Robert McTeer and William Gruben

Courting International Business

What are the human rights obligations of global capitalism?

By Susan Ariel Aaronson