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From the Fall 2007 issue

Summers Speaks

In an exclusive interview, Harvard professor Larry Summers takes on the subprime crisis, moral hazard, and Alan Greenspan’s inflation forecast.

Blinder Baloney

Today’s scare talk of jobs outsourcing is grossly exaggerated.

By William T. Dickens and Stephen J. Rose

Advising the Candidates

Who advises the 2008 presidential candidates on economic policy?

By Robert D. Novak

Twenty Years After Black Monday

Is the world better or worse prepared to handle financial crises? TIE asked the three key former U.S. officials who managed the 1987 stock market crash—E. Gerald Corrigan, David Ruder, and Manuel Johnson.

Germany Fires Back

And who does Adam Posen think he is, anyway?

By Klaus C. Engelen

Schwab on Trade

In an exclusive interview with U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab, America’s chief trade negotiator assesses the world.

The Coming Triple-Digit Oil Prices

Most think tanks and government experts predict a price decline in coming decades. They’re dead wrong.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

The Credit Crisis Is Not Over

The anatomy of a financial unravelling.

By Harald B. Malmgren

Global Warming Losers

Why developing world agriculture stands to suffer big time.

By William R. Cline

IIF at 25

TIE sat down with the Institute of International Finance’s Charles Dallara to discuss the future of the global financial system.

New China Worries

The Chinese military is snapping up the latest in cutting-edge Western technology. Is that good?

By Adam Segal

The Great China Challenge

America’s G7 deputy makes the case that when China succeeds, America succeeds.

By David H. McCormick

China’s Yuan Decision

The economic costs of the inflexible exchange rate now outweigh its benefits.

By Chi Lo

The Monetary Realist: Central Banking Dermatologists

By Adam S. Posen