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From the Fall 2006 issue

Bolton’s White House

And why Hank Paulson, the former Goldman Sachs chief, is the new Treasury Secretary.

By Fred Barnes

IIE Celebrates Twenty-Five

Founded in 1981, the Institute for International Economics quickly came to dominate global economic policy research. TIE sat down with director Fred Bergsten, who started it all and today remains the dominant force in an important Washington, D.C., institution. A TIE exclusive interview.

Rising Muslim Schizophrenia

An investor’s guide to globalization and the war on terror.

By Criton M. Zoakos

Can China Achieve a Soft Landing?

What are the chances China successfully achieves a soft landing over the next year or two?

A symposium of views

China’s Pollution Time Bomb

The giant elephant in the corner of the global environmental parlor.

By Friedrich Wu

China’s Aging Problem

Limited options, ominous risk.

By Chi Lo

Europe’s Latest Infatuation

The idea of TAFTA, a trans-Atlantic free trade area, is getting hot.

By Stefan Schönberg

Unleashing India’s Potential

The key is to modernize the financial system.

By Diana Farrell and Susan Lund

Wall Street’s Derivatives Casino

Is today’s eerily tranquil scene an illusion?

By Christopher Whalen