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From the Fall 2002 issue

Think Tanks: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not II

by Adam Posen

The Prophet

An exclusive TIE interview: Former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt, who warned of potential U.S. accounting irregularities, surveys the post-scandal landscape.

Does George W. Bush’s High Popularity Mean Anything?

A symposium of views

The Telecoms Mess

Forget Alan Greenspan. Whether U.S. profit growth resumes depends on one thing: cleaning up the telecom sector.

By Criton M. Zoakos

The Jobs-Stock Market Connection

A symposium of views

The Fannie/Freddie Time Bomb

What happens to these giants when interest rates rise? Paul Sarbanes: Call your office!

By Peter J. Wallison

End of the World Scenario

Every few years, TIE’s favorite disasterologist lays out his latest forecast of doom. Today’s message: Forget Osama bin Laden; Mother Nature is the big-time threat.

By Michael Ledeen

A Post-September 11th Reflection

An amazing year of surprises and challenges.

By David Hale

Time to Go Long on Canada

The key is globally sensitive market timing.

By William Robson

Germany’s Economic Non-Miracle

How Finance Minister Hans Eichel’s policies may have doomed the Schroeder government.

By Paul J.J. Welfens

Europe’s Post-Enron Response

How EU policymakers are desperately speeding up market integration and supervision—with, once again, the central bankers the losers.

By Klaus C. Engelen

Truth in Trade

How current is the U.S. current account?

By Harry L. Freeman and Laura M. Baughman

Broadening Corporate Responsibility

Is maximizing shareholder value alone a good enough long-term strategy?

By Susan Ariel Aaronson